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During the 1999, the scheme to apply PIO card has been revised, and in 2002, the newest PIO Card Scheme has already used since September 15th, 2002. Stated on the revised scheme, the validity of PIO Card is up to 15 years with charged fee is Rupees 15,000. However, for any dual citizen under 18 years old, they should be paid fee for them is Rupees 7,500 with 15 years validity. Therefore, ever since the PIO Card Scheme has been revised for quite long time, it is important for you to know the update issues in order to avoid any barrier whenever you consider to have dual citizenship.

According to the NRI Legal Services, written in there are several authority given to the application. For the first authority, PIO Card is given to the Indian Mission from the origin country where the applicant were resident. Other than that, for applicants which has been in India for long term and get the Long Term Visa which valid for more than one year, there are specific issues they should fulfil before apply the PIO card. Basically, there are several authority will be given to the applicants who live in specific resident of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Amritsar, and Chennai, in which you can read further in

In the other hand, the requirement is different with the previous issues, as for those who are not resident in the mentioned area before. For example, the foreigner who apply for a PIO does not need any requirement for different VISA, yet they should apply for FRO/CHIO/FRRO as if they stay for more than six months in India, continuously. Just like any long-term Visa to live in India, the foreigner who stay for more than six months also need to apply for PIO Card to the specific institution. Unfortunately, for those who has nationality of Pakistan Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, and Nepal are not eligible to apply the PIO Card. In otherwise, the person with Iranian nationality can apply to be PIO Card Holder once the MHA has already approved their grant.

However, after you read along about the information of PIO Card Holder, as well know the requirement, you may ask about the benefit whenever you are applying to be PIO Card Holder, do you? Basically, in general advantages, for those has PIO Card, they will not need any separate visa whenever they come visiting India. For any students or colleges, they will not need any Student Visa anymore for studying in India as if they already have the PIO Card, or grant to be PIO Card holder. For those who are searching for employment in India, once they apply for employing and own dual citizenship it does not need to have separate Visa anymore, or known as Employment Visa. However, it is still being needed to fulfil any pre-requisite conditions periodically about the concerned authorities. In the other hand, for PIO Card holders, will be given with separate counters in immigration.