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Our Legal Services for NRI provides best platform for our sharing ownership. It includes the property owning so that this is the right party to depend on. There will be no risk of problem because we are not the co-owner of any partners.  If you rely on someone, it might create problem especially if she or he has possession. There must be any possibilities of authority to control or even take more shares in your land. It might be something that takes more interest of any shareholders in one side especially if they live in overseas.

Seeing this case, there must be appropriate legal advice to take especially for NRI. It might be balance advice for all parties even for understanding all documents, and taking some visits for the best application in solving the problems. All these actions can be found in our legal service. You might get the best result as you take the service.

Partition of Property to Understand

  • It is an effective way to control the joint land ownership and it is a mandatory step.
  • It is a process where the share might be divided into portions. Each individual will have the share as his legal entitlement.
  • When it is post the division, each portion gets a title. Every owner will give up the share to other portions. It shows there will be complete ownership in share. It will limit any interfere coming from other parties into your share.
  • It can be land, commercial, or even a house that has been inherited along siblings and even to co-workers.

Every share can be transferred and inheritable. Meanwhile the undivided share should have the clear record. It is to avoid any problem in process including the taxation. With the perfect legal advice, it might be easier to solve the shared ownership of certain property.

Partition’s Type

There are two kinds of partition, contested and unconstested, in all shared ownership of property.

  • In contested case, when both parties do not deal with the decision, it must be taken to the court. It will be divided based on the purchase and details which have been mentioned in inheritance document.
  • Meanwhile, in uncontested case, all parties deal with the solving statement.
  • All deeds will require the stamp paper and kept in clear record without any ambiguity.
  • To get the legal and binding effect, it should be registered to the office and results new owners.
  • There must be clear details including the date of entire procedure. The papers should mention all parties’ name and the shares they get.

This partition actually becomes the subject of law especially of inheritance in particular person. Every state has different law to apply. Sometimes, in urban commercial, there is a case where an owner is free to take any share he wants. Therefore, for NRI, they can even ask the help and we can send the legal experts to be the representative in taking over the problem.  It might be on procedure and balance to all parties.