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For those who were migrated from the country, specific after January 26, in the past year of 1950, there were dual citizenship offered by the government to them. In term and condition, they are allowed by the law in their home countries about the dual citizenship regulation. This news were informed by the Prime Minister India that those who migrated after January 26th 1950 will be accepted to have dual citizenship, from Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) to be Indians. However, there are a few exception about this regulation, such as for those who are living in Bangladesh or Pakistan at the moment will be excluded.

Any OCI will not need any visa anymore while travelling to India, instead they will be need to show about the related passport produced by both countries during the travelling either to or from India. Furthermore, they will be given with registration certificate and also a passport of overseas citizen once an individual gets OCI from the previous status, Person of Indian Origin (PIO). This passport is quite important because it is needed with the country where he live, also along with the related resident place, as well as an important equipment while travelling to and from India.

However, there is no need to apply the registration as if you want to stay in the country during any visit, just like any foreigner. As you know, foreigner should go to the registration formalities whenever they are needed to stay in the country and undergo. In the other hand, the documentation for dual citizenship does not need to be separated as if the person about to entrance any college or institution, and also take any employment. The facilities will also be given to the dual citizens, similar with another non-resident Indian, which consist of several fields such as financial, economic, and educational.

Of course, the children who own dual citizenship will also get any education facilities to fulfil their educational needed, and capable to enrol to several admission such as medical colleges, ITS, Items, engineering colleges, or another major. There are also another facilities given to them, such as housing product including LIC, agencies offered by the government, also state. As you can read along, OCI will not get any obstacle anymore every time they need to travel, either to or from, India during the business ventures so in belonging stuffs, they will have a greater sense.

However, according to the NRI Legal Service you can access in, it is quite easy to apply to get any OCI card. The first, it is possible to apply the card from outside India, and also you will be needed with the proof to be submitted during the registration. There is also document application to prove the migration date to India is after January 26th, 1950, and also present resident such as Pondicherry, Goa, or Sikkim. There is also fee as payment should be paid, or it can be said as demand draft, in amount of USD 275.