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India is such a big country that has so many various diversities among the people, which can be ranging from languages to laws. In the simple words, the particular citizens have their own laws based on what they have believed all this time. Well, one of the most important laws in the life of the people of India is the law about the matrimony and divorce. Then, there are actually numerous different laws of matrimony and divorce that occur in India as they are made for different communities.

  • The laws of matrimony and divorce for Hindus

There is the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 that will govern the marriage of the Hindus in India nicely. According to, there are some particular conditions that a couple has to meet when they want to make their relationship to the farther level. Simply, the bridegroom must be at least 21 years old and the bride is minimally 18 years old when they want to get married. Then, both of them must be Hindus and have no any prohibited relationship with the other party. Aside of that, it must be ensured that there is no party between the couple is suffering from the mental disorders, insanity, or epilepsy. So, both of the groom and the bride have to be able to be mature enough so that they can make give the valuable decisions and fit a marriage for sure.

Furthermore, the Hindus can apply for a divorce if there are some problems on the ground of desertion for two years, adultery, cruelty, religion conversion, suffering from the venereal illness, and so on. All of them can be the reason that will be approved when a divorce is applied. Moreover, there are also some consequences that must be taken by the separated spouse. It is not allowed for the divorced spouse to do resumption of marriage for a year after the judicial separation decree. Then, there is no restitution of conjugal right for a year after the conjugal rights Husband guilty of rape, sodomy, or bestiality restitution decree has been stated.

  • The laws of matrimony and divorce for Muslims

On the other hand, the Muslims in India have their matrimony and divorce laws. It states that the marriage of the Muslims can be done without the presence of the priest. The most important thing is the presence of the one or two sane males, two sane adult females, and all Muslims when the proposal is said. All of them will be the witnesses of the valid marriage based on the Muslim Personal Laws. Additionally, a Muslim man is allowed to have 4 wives as long as he can treat them equally.

Speaking of the divorce laws for Muslims, it is such a simpler thing because there is no reason is necessary when a spouse wants to claim for a divorce. For the man, he just needs to say the word of “Talak” when he wants to get separated from his wife. However, if a Muslim woman wants to obtain a divorce, she must meet some certain conditions still.