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A Will is one of the important legal statements for the testator and his/her property that he wishes to take into the action after his/her death.

 Will is necessary legal document that allow any living person to obtain the better ideas on how he plan his own asset and asset to divide and hand over after death. Hence, Will is more important to support person, which her /his wish regarding property, and it provide support to handle property in peacefully manner after death.

 Law application to wills:

Creating will documentindia is highly developed systems in the field of current law secession, which governs property after his/her death. These sort of norms are applied to Wills and codicils made by the Christians, hindus, jains, parsis, Buddhists but it is not for Mohammedans like Muslim personal law givens their matters.

 Law with support to apply on making of wills:

  • The Indian Succession Act, 1925
  • Hindu Personal Laws
  • Muslim Personal Laws
  • The Indian Registration Act, 1908

According to the section 59, then Indian Succession Act then people who have obtain the age of majority.

Making of will is not applicable for the people such the mental disturbed, insane, Lunatics. Apart from hat, the minor who have below 18 years old cannot make of the Wills. However, the minor can apply for the Making of the Will who have guardian support. Then dumb and blind are not so incapacitated in making the will when they can know what they will do by it. Then person is ordinarily insane, then they can make will at the time of the interval when is in the form of the sound mind. Then no people can make Will at the state of mind such the intoxication, illness and other major causes.

 Necessity of the making a Will:

 Each and every people wish to make sure at any point in the time when he is looking back and realize content w in the life become meaningful as well as the dignified . then the respective person wish even he is fails to have no ore , hence there is dignity will be continued in major post of the death problem which have be simply handled. If you have own property, then you can simply concerned based on the state of affairs on your property following your demise. Then it is consider as then innate desire, which can wish regarding the property. Then the property to be well followed after his death.

 Is Will is important:

 The Will can support the testator to make sure his property is well distributed among the major family member. Will can help to cut down the conflict for the person after his death preparation of the Will. Then people who completed more than 18 years can go with the will and people who is get competent to understand what type of the assent they divide to hand over to he/she and what is wills and much more.

Necessary Postulates of A Will:

 Legal declaration:

 A will comes under the legal declaration and the respective document claiming to the Will should be legal and testament. It is well attested and is signed as the need by the statue.

 Deposition property:

It is well declaration between disposals after asset of the person making the Will.

Death of testator:

This will get enforceable after the end of the testator and it has not right to get the legatee until passing of testator. There is not impact at the time of the lifetime of the testator and testator can get changes the will at any time before of the death.


 Will are revocable at the lifetime of the overall testator.

 Attestation of will:

 Respective affix need to sign on the Will or the person must do it and it has done in his presence and his direction. Then sign of the testator must look clearly and well decipherable. Then it must be inserted in relevant and makes of the will legal. Then respective Will must be get attested by the three or more witness. Personal confirmation of his signature is very essential and each witnesses must be sign the will in the presence of testator but it must should not be necessary that more than one or two witness.

 Execution of Will:

 On the death of testator, the perpetrator of the will can get appeal for the major probate. Then court forces other heir of the major department when they have any opposition to the corresponding will. In case, it fails to have opposition then the court grant probate without any trouble. Then probate is copy of the Will, which can certify by the tribunal and probate is consider the conclusive evidence of the major genuineness of the will.

 Method to follow for Will registration:

 The Will must be being registered with the support of the sub registrar and registrar along with the nominal fees. Then testator needs to present at the registrar office with essential witness. When it comes to the endorsement of the register in the fine manner by providing the execution of the will and make then to put his/he thumb impress on the document. Here the Will is not being got stamped at any time.

Form for will:

 It has no prescribed form so it must be need top signed and get attested. Then the testator need to initial at the end of the all page and get next to all sort of the correction as well as then alteration .

 Language of Will:

 It can be done with any type of the language but not technical words required in the Will. If the world must be well clear, then intention of testator is being reflected in wills.

 Stamp duty:

 The Will has not stamp duty and  it will need not create on stamp paper.


 It is very important that will must need witness of around two witnesses. At the same time the witness, need to sign in the current of each other as well as the testator.

 As per the Hindu, then witness can be legatee

 Below the Parsi and Christian law, a witness need not be executor or else beneficiary.

 A muslin need not have their will attested when it is in for of writing style.


 Below the 18 of the registration Act, the will is not compulsory but it registration is highly strong legal evidence that has proper parties. Then will must deliver validly executed, duly when need by the Indian Succession Act. When the Will is be registered, it must placed in the safe custody so it need not want to be tampered with the mutilated and destroyed.

 Produces the Death certificate

 It covers the super scribed along with the names of the people who have agent with the current statement of real document. It charged 1000 would be charged as fee for it.