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Expert Helps for Problem Related with the Illegal Property Transfer

One problem that many NRIs have to deal is the fact that their property is being taken illegally. That might be one reason why the law in India is getting stricter to help all of those NRIs to get their right. Even though, the NRIs also have to make sure that they have the clear and detail ownership of the property so that the illegal transfer over their property will not happen. Even if this kind of case happens, you can take this to the court and win the case.

Similar like in many other countries in the world, you will also need some times before the transaction is finished. That means the property transfer will not be finished in one day. If there are properties that were being taken by strangers, that means the real possessor of the property has been abandoned the property for a considerably long time that give the stranger the chance to take over the property. Most of the time, this kind of case is using the fake documents such as the fake inheritance wills. Some other methods that you can find is through the gift deed just in case the real possessor of the property is still alive or the sale deed that will show as if the property has been sold before. Unfortunately, for many NRIs who become the victim of this kind of fraud, all of those documents are fakes.

This kind of property problem can be totally annoying for many people since when they become the victim of this fraud, they might lost their property. Because of that reason, you will need to know these three ways of illegal transfer of the property that you will usually find in India.

  • The first one is the making of fake documents. When you buy a property, of course you will need to check all of the documents related with the ownership of the property. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who made the fake documents to convince the prospective buyer and this one is the most common method that you will find.
  • The second one is the fake claim. This one is a little bit hard to do since you will need to go to the court to claim a property that belongs to someone else. Even though this kind of method is a little bit risky, many people tried this method with a lot of luck since if they win the case they will be the real possessor of the property.
  • The third one is the misuse of the documents of Power of Attorney. Many people gave the POS of their property to someone else, but the problem is that sometimes the one who were given the mandate were misusing the documents. This thing happens sometimes so that you need to be careful to whom you give the POA of your property.

If you want, you can take this case to the court with the provision of the legal and expert such as the one that you can get from